Unfixed warp! [Tutorial]

Client patch/unfix tutorial.

Graal warp/hour isn't any longer a server patch. (To save space.) This may or may not work. Working for me.

1.) Open graal don't touch ANYTHING!

2.) Enable ANY multitasking feature onto graal (ProSwitch WILL WORK)

3. Goto ifile navigate to "graalonline classic+/documents/weblevels/weapons/%045HakCheck.code"

4.) Click the blue arrow next to it

5.) Click permission then click "user"

6.) Only check the "Read"

7.) Do that for all the permissions.

8.) Click done then open it in "Text Viewer"

9.) Highlight EVERYTHING IN IT!

10.) Delete all of it.

11.) Then click "Done"

12.) Make new graal UDID & enjoy. "grab.gani can be used as anything now without jail.)

13.) To get the grab.gani goto "Admin Warp [Tutorial] above.